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Art Sites

alex grey
amazing visionary art, a big influence on my work...check him out, and be prepared to be blown away...
brian coryell photography
great photos, check him out...
de es schwertberger
...just incredible...look and see.
jason lee designs
jason is a very good friend of mine, and an excellent graphic designer, sometimes website design guy...check out his goods and services, to see what he might be able to do for you...tell him i sent ya...
justin cece
my cousin, who upped and moved to rome, italy, has his website for graphic design and film editing. when in rome, do as the romans do, check him out...and then find him back in new jersey...
salvidor dali
...surrealism at its best...
zdzislaw beksinski
...the stuff you don't wanna see in dreams, or maybe you do...such amazing artwork, check him out...

Cool Internet Stores

cool merch from the "bikini bandits" movies, "a perfect circle," and others...go be a consumer here...
you've seen the shirts at conventions and tattoo studios across the country...go get some for yourself...tell them gabriel sent you...thanks, now go buy, buy, buy...
morpheus press
a great collection of books, posters, prints, orginal works, and other merchandise from today's most talented visionary artists.
movie poop shoot
famed director of "clerks," "chasing amy," "mallrats," "dogma," "jay and silent bob strike back," and "jersey girl" peddles his wares...go consume all the sarcasm you can handle.


subversive advertising at its best and other political agenda conspiracy theory stuff, go open your mind to what is really going on...
are you registered to vote?
the time for change has come...go register, and go vote...

Tattoo Artists

dee dee
one of my favorite tattooers and people in the industry today...check her out at requiem in florida, you can't be disappointed
Jesse Smith
jesse is a great guy i've had the pleasure to befriend...not to mention an incredible tattooer and all around artiste'...
jon clue
working with jon for a year was one of the best and most creative times of my career...check out his incredible artwork and tattoo galleries...
nathan kostechko
check out his goods when you're on the west coast in search of a tattoo unlike any other...
nick baxter
yet another site done by the guys at tattoonow...nick is one of the most talented people working in the tattoo industry today...check him out...
sean herman
outstanding work, check him and prepare to be impressed...
tony urbanek
machines, magnetism, mayhem...all around great tattooer, machine builder, and friend in this industry...his machines are the only tools i will will use for the trade...check out his goods online, or go get tattooed by him in pittsburgh.

Tattoo Studios

hyperspace studios
one of the most incredible collections of artwork and tattoos on the internet...guy is an inspiration to me and many other tattooers worldwide, he is, in my opinion, the best of the best.
lola's hot and flying tattoo studio
i worked at this studio in new jersey on and off from 1997 until 2002...good people...good tattoos.
off the map tattoo
the best of the best work here and travel through to visit easthampton, massachusetts...check them out when you can...
the best shop i have ever had the pleasure to work at...check them out in hampton virginia, for a great tattoo and a wonderful experience
studio evolve tattoo
located in the center of virginia beach, where those in the know, go to get tattooed....

Tattoo-Related Sites

eternal tattoo pigment
eternal pigments are probably the best i have ever used, and since i've switched over, i won't tattoo with much else...let them know i sent you...thanks
galleries of tattoos and artwork, information, links, a store, and news about the tattooed world. they did my website, as well as some other fantastic sites you can find there...check it out...
the yellow pages for the tattooed world we live in...
the tattoo book
released from schiffer publishing, chronicaling and catagorizing modern day tattooing and the tattooers in it...i also happen to have eight pieces in the book, so check it out...thanks.

Urbanek Machines

Eternal Pigments

Clic Collective

Diversified Tattoo Supply

Jason Lee Designs


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Gabriel Cece, tattooer

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