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Monday April 20, 2009

it's been a wonderful week at home with my wife and kids, but now it's back to new schedule at fuzion is now, mondays through fridays, 11am to 7pm...i'm currently booking three months ahead of time, and i'm looking for a few cool projects to do at hell city in arizona, as well as the paradise gathering in massachusetts, both in, if you're interested in getting tattooed by me, at home or on the road, please let me know... …if you would like to set an appointment with me, come into the shop, bring references and ideas, and a deposit that will go toward the price of the tattoo…if the tattoo you want is a chest plate, rib piece, a half sleeve, or smaller, then the deposit will be for $125.oo…if you are looking for a full sleeve, then the deposit will be $250.oo…if you are interested in a full back piece or larger, the deposit will be $500.oo…all deposits will come off the very last session of the tattoo, as most of the work I am doing now is larger scale, custom pieces, at the rate of $125 an hour, with a two hour minimum…i'm usually booked about three to four months ahead of time, and I am currently working Mondays through fridays, eleven am to seven pm, doing two, 3 hour appointments per day; one at eleven am and another at three pm …the shop number is 757.226.9840, please call ahead to make sure i'm in and available to talk…if you live far away and cannot make it into the shop for a consultation, then the way this usually works is that you can send me an email with attachments of references and ideas for what it is that you are wanting to get done…we can then set an appointment via email or telephone....once we establish a date and time to get started, you’ll send me a personal check or money order as a deposit... when you come in for your first appointment, i will still hold onto your check, but give it back to you after the last session…if you don't show up without canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours, i will then keep the check and cash it...thanks for your interest…take care and be well… fuzion 729 granby street Norfolk, VA 23510

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