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Wednesday July 01, 2009

PINT SIZE PAINTINGS is a new book focusing on amazing paintings done on a very small scale, while still having a large visual impact! Get out your magnifying glasses, get your smallest brushes ready and focus your eyes on these tiny works of art! Over 200 of the industry’s best artists will be featured in this first volume displaying their talents to the world on micro canvases! Each carefully selected artist will be given two mini canvases that are 2” x 3” to paint for the new book. This book is the first publication of it’s kind, focusing on painting on a very small scale while capturing the viewer with pint size powerful imagery. The completed body of work will not only be published and on shelves worldwide, it will also be a traveling miniature art show being displayed at various art galleries around the country! If you or another amazing artist would like to participate in this project, or future Pint Size Projects, including Pint Size Sculptures, please refer them to our website for portfolio reviews and consideration. Get ready to witness BIG THINGS on a small scale! - Durb Please *reply with your mailing address* if you would like to participate in Pint Size Paintings so we may ship your mini painting package to you now! The book is not just tattooers, it’s for any badass painters that are interested in participating. Not every painting will make it into the book, the best will make it into publication, the others will be a part of the art show and possibly in the second volume of Pint Size Paintings. Participating Pint Size Artists: Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, Hannah Aitchison, Shawn Barber, Phil Holt, Durb Morrison, Gunnar, Dee Dee Seruga, Kurt Wiscombe, Big Gus, Paolo Acuna, Phil Spearman, Brian “Monk” Taylor, Ryan Hadley, Mario Barth, Eric James, Greg Drake, Aaron Della Vedova, Phil Robertson, Darin Slavik, Juan Salgado, Rodney Raines, Nathan Kostechko, Gabriel Cece, Russ Abbott, Sean Peters, Rev. Chad Wells, Shane ONeill, Brion Norwolk, Nick Baxter, DJ Minor, Jeral Tidwell, Tim Kern, Dan Henk, Jeremiah Barba, Kari Barba, Scot Winskye, Dan Plumley, Mike Gutowski, Adrian Dominic, Mike Devries, Mike Demasi, Mario Rosenau, Jeff Johnson, Tony Terrell, Aric Taylor, Dave Ski, Larry Brogan, Keith Ciaramello and many more artists! With the deadline right around the corner to submit your pieces, we have decided to extend the deadline by another month, to august 1st, 2009, allowing those remaining artists that have not yet finished, as well as late additions, a little more time to complete their pint size canvases. Many of you have asked as to whether or not you will be able to get your artwork back after you have completed the release form and have shipped it out. The answer is YES, we fully intend to return your artwork to you once the book is published and the traveling art show is done. If you have any questions in regarding the deadline or anything else, please contact

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